Monday, 25 March 2013


Over the past i am sure there is some improvement in the literacy rate in India. But when you go and check the present status of government schools there is still so much to do ahead. The problem of illiteracy is from both the sides by the government and other if people of India. Government is spending hell lot of money in the government aided schools but just in the books of accounts. Being a teacher , i have been to a government school and the policy of giving free meal to children is there but the kind of food served to them is miserable. Teachers are getting handsome salaries but the kind of efforts they are putting in is shameful. Most of the parents are not sending there children to school but the one who are sending them are not even getting educated they are just locked in a room and teachers are having pakoras and buying stuff from salesman in school only. Organizations who donate stationary in such schools in front of them it is distributed to children but after that they take it and poor teachers take it back to their home. I would like to raise a question that a person who doesn't file income tax in a month government will attack his home. but there is no person left who should go and check the what these schools are doing. Now everyone wants to get a government job reason being "Kuch kaam nai karna padta" . Children who want to study but they lack money have no future in India.

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